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Arabic Chemical Consulting Center

Specialized in:


Supply of non-destructive testing equipment and equipment for quality engineers and engineering inspection.


- Training in equipment and granting certificates to conduct engineering inspections.

- We carry out engineering inspections by conducting non-automatic tests as we have engineers specialized in that.

- Supply of radiation protection equipment and equipment and works of radiation insulation.

- Supply of penetrating dyes and magnetic powder.


We have the only local product in Egypt and the Middle East (perfect) an Egyptian industry and distributors of major international companies (MET-L-CHEK) American industry.


- Distributed to the world's largest ultrasonic testing equipment companies (UV)


-  Supplier of detecting cracks

- Provide all necessary for the prevention of radiation

- Radiological dosimetry

-  Supply of radiation protection mirrors - Egyptian industry

Heliopolis, 11 Abd Rl Rahman Roshdi St.

Saint Fatima square

Ciro, Egypt

Tel : +202-26381878

Fax : +202-26396472

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Arabic Chemical Consulting Center
Arabic Chemical Consulting Center